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Seattle School Board Attempting to Close the Only Arts Focused Public School in Seattle

Seattle School Board Attempting to Close the Only Arts Focused Public School in Seattle
by Gabriel

The Seattle School Board is voting WED (11/12/08) to re-purpose the Jane Adams Building where the Summit K-12 program is located. They do not have a replacement building planned and are depending on as-yet-undecided school closures to move the program. The likely outcome is that the program will be strongly negatively impacted or closed.
The Summit K-12 program is the only public school in Seattle with a core focus on the arts. The arts are integrated into every class, and art is a key to the curriculum.

What can you do to help?
We need to spread the word, and emphasize the importance of the arts in our community. We need to make it clear to the School Board that this action is poorly thought out, and will harm the community.
Who to contact?
If you'd like to voice your concern directly to the School Board, they can be contacted at these numbers:

District I - Peter Maier
(206) 252-0040
District II - Sherry Carr
(206) 252-0040
District III - Harium Martin-Morris
(206) 252-0040
District IV - Michael DeBell
(206) 252-0040
District V - Mary Bass
(206) 252-0040
District VI - Steve Sundquist
(206) 252-0040

District VII - Cheryl Chow
(206) 252-0040

Why should I get involved?
If you care about the arts, social justice, or protecting alternative education programs, you should get involved.
Why would the school board try to close this school?
The Summit K-12 program is located in a building in the Northeast cluster of the school district. They aim to remove the program to make room for additional K-8 capacity, even though 70+% of the students at Summit K-12 are from the North end of Seattle, with 30+% directly from the Northeast cluster and needing to be placed in the area if the program is

Get Involved! Help save the arts in our Public Schools.
Please contact for more information.
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