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Remembering Su Job

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I was just at her hospice fundraiser art auction (Dec. 6), where she still looked so cheerful and healthy. Just discovered she passed on Dec. 25.

For those of you who knew Su Job, here is an event to honor a prominent member of the Seattle art community.

I knew her as one of the master tenants of the artist loft 619 Western Building (where I share Studio Q Gallery with a few other photographers). She was an influential artist, teacher, friend.

There is a parade and public memorial reception this Sunday. I will probably be there for the early part of it.


2:30 - 3:00 Gather at TashiroKaplan Studios at 306 So. Washington Street for Parade.
3.00-Parade leaves TashiroKaplan going past All City Coffee then down Washington to Zeitgeistat at 2nd and Jackson down to First Ave. and left on Yesler to the viaduct along the waterfront for a few blocks towards the Market then south and east to the Arctic Club Hotel Dome Room where the Parade meets with the people who were not in the Parade.
We should arrive there at 4:00 and plan to use it until 7:00 for catered refreshments and live music.
4.00--We arrive at the Dome Room, speechify, socialize, schmooze.
7.00--the party moves to 619.

After the Parade and Memorial there will be a Party for Su at 619 at ACE studios 3rd floor South around 7pm. If you would like to attend it would be nice if you could bring some food or beverage.


Beloved fiber artist, teacher, friend, mentor, and community leader Su Job passed on Christmas day, succumbing to a particularly aggressive form of cancer. Su attended the University of Tennessee, and graduate school at the University of Washington. She was a fixture in the Seattle art community and a long time resident of Pioneer Square. She taught Art History at several local arts colleges including Cornish College of the Arts, the Seattle Art Institute, and Gage Academy. Su ran her own silk clothing business, Fiber at Large, producing one-of-a-kind silk scarves which sold at specialty retail shops across the country. Her fiber-based fine art has been exhibited in galleries and museums, most recently the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland.

Su was a woman of extraordinary energy and drive, and fiercely dedicated to her art. She was always very busy, yet somehow made time for her friends, students, and those she mentored. A bold intellect, a large, unrestrained smile, intense curiosity, and a commitment to live life on her own terms, are some of the characteristics that make her an unforgettable force of nature. She has garnered a golden place in the hearts of those who knew her.

Su is survived by loving friends and family including Karen Burell, David Crow, David Gross, Don Hennick, Lynn Schirmer, and Andy Zadrozny of Seattle, as well as the residents of the Tashiro Kaplan Artist Lofts, artist tenants of the 619 Western building, her former students and colleagues. Su is the Daughter of Betty Job (and Glenn Job), sister of Jeff Job, Chris Job, and Diane Job Staley.

Conductive Garboil Grant
Su’s final wish was to establish a new grant program for Seattle artists, called the Conductive Garboil Grant. Funds originally designated for extended end of life care have been donated to Artist Trust to establish the grant. Artist Trust, along with 4Culture will administer the yearly Conductive Garboil Grant to artists connected in some way to Pioneer Square whose practices reintegrate artistic processes into everyday life.

In lieu of flowers, please help extend the life of Su’s grant program by sending a contribution to Artist Trust, 1835 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122. Please note that your contribution is for the Conductive Garboil Grant. All donations are tax deductible.

Cards, letters, and remembrances gladly welcome addressed to:
Lynn Schirmer
TK Studios & Galleries
306 S. Washington St.
Seattle, WA 98104
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